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Labview maker hub issue: all it displays is ASRL1: and cannot be changed


A customer has asked us the following question:

" I recently purchased a copy of  Labview home bundle and Im trying to connect through the USB/serial port to a Chipkit Max 32 in order to download the LINX firmware wizard I have followed the instructions in the tutorials and all packages I believe are downloaded.  the latest version of MPIDE and MPLAB are also installed.  when using the wizard it does not recognize the com port the device is connected to COM4 and the modification has been done as per the tutorial to 1ms latency time.

all it displays is ASRL1: and cannot be changed.  it says its downloading an then stops and says completed but nothing happened it did not actually download.

I have tried it on 3 different machines all with the same issue. "

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