Genesys2, user data Flash fusing

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Hello, I'm a baby engineer.

I want to write a binary user data file as well as a fpga configuration file in flash memory, Genesys2.

I did it to Atlys board using a Adept software (you know It included the flash writing function!) in very easy way.

But Genesys2, doesn't work.


What can I do

in order to write the user data to a desired start address like 0xA0000. in Vivado.

or I just wait to the update Adept..?

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Here's what I've been doing: Write a design to your device with enough functionality to 1) communicate with the board, and 2) to write the flash.  Then, write to the flash whatever binary data you want to place ... wherever!  :)

So here's the location of a project that does this on a CMod-S6.  You'll have to forgive me, I don't have a Genesys2.  :D  At any rate, in the CMod-S6 project you'll find both C++ code to interact with the flash, as well as the Verilog code you need to actually interact with the flash.  All you will need is all the code in between, since I doubt the Genesys2 has the DEPP interface.

I'm still updating the Verilog portion interface to work with the flash on the Arty, but the interface above was designed for the Spansion flash so it (should) work quite nicely.  (As I mentioned, I don't have a Genesys2.  Contributions are always accepted though ...  :P)  (The Arty implementation is completely functional in simulation, just ... not yet in the real hardware.)


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