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Analog Discovery 2 FTDI chip erased?


A customer on our website asked the following question:

Dear Digilent Support, 

I have an Analog Discovery 2 (Serial Number DA19B31 on the bottom), but I can no longer connect it to my PC (windows 7, 64 bits) with Waveform 2 (2015).
I was working on a FDTI chip of my circuit board, and I think I have erased the FDTI chip on the Analog Discovery 2 by my mistake.

I'd like to re-configure the FDTI chip by using FDTI FT Prog. Could you inform me of the configuration?
Or, Shold I send my Analog Discovery 2 to Digilent? 

There is no device found by Wave forms 2 (2015).
But my Analog Discovery 2 is recognized as COM 7 by the windows device manager.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards, 

The response is below.

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Hello @Martin Filipp,

Make sure you have the latest version of Waveforms. For the Analog Discovery the application is now included.  Enter in device manager->My device is not listed


Make sure you don't have any other FTDI devices connected to the computer

1. Press find Devices

2.Select the device that appears

3. Select Analog Discovery2

4. Program


Best regards,


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Hi @tadashi,

For the Analog Discovery 2, you can reprogram it's EEPROM directly from WaveForms. You will need to click the "My device is not listed" button in the device manager and a GUI will come up with instructions on how to reprogram it.


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