My Favorite Digilent Product...

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Prompted by Amber's blog post, here's mine - and it is most probably not the one you might expect.


It is Part# 240-004P - the 6Pin Header & Gender Changer.


I push them into breadboards for making solid off-board connections, They let me clip on scope probes onto PMOD sockets for debug outputs, I can attach the flying leads from my Logic Analyser to any 0.1" female connector. They they are multi-platform, working with nearly all dev boards from all suppliers. They are truly awesome.  And they even act as gender changes for PMOD cables.


I wish I could get millions of these, in nice 40-way long strips. At the moment they are like hen's teeth, as a lot of them have found semi-permanent use on projects around the place.

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That is unexpected! It looks like we don't have those in stock, I'm not sure why. We have some in the office to use, but they aren't in the 40 long quantity and they aren't centered like the ones on the website. I did find them on sparkfun. I'm sure you could find them from an electronics supplier for cheaper but I don't know who will ship to New Zealand.

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That is surprising!
We are making a separate cable kit that has these in them and also the right angle ones. Thanks for the feedback!




6Pin Header & Gender Changer

*Changes gender for any 6 pin female header, female to male

*Connects any 2 digilent 6 pin cables together*

Provides easy access for test and measurement

*Ships in pack of 5

*Part# 240-004P

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