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how to debug linux app with SDK in a petalinux jtag booted zybo board?


now my zybo boots up flawlessly, it is time to develop linux application.. But questions ...

1. I can use sdk to make elf executable program and copy to the board to run it. but it is really awkward.

2. I am trying to document ug1165 but still have no idea how it should work. I thought it should work like un the app and printf to console and so on... but nothing happened

Now my situation is zybo at, running good. it was booted from virtual machine ubuntu via jtag. I can telnet to zybo or use usbtty to access shell in virtual machine.

next I start a new application, linux hello world. got confused waht to set the debug mode, what my target setup should be? attach to a running agent? standalone? linux application debug? And all other TCF agent / local and so on, what should I being using?


Thank you 

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great, and I found out my mistake, i guess that is because I didn't set petalinux rootfs when new an application project.

Thank you very much


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