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"Failed to open device" when running python examples


I just purchased an Analog Discovery and have been enjoying it so far. The OSX Waveforms2105 app works flawlessly. 


I'm now trying to run the python example code in the SDK in order to write my own software. If I run `DigitalOut_Pins.py`, I get the following:


DWF Version: 3.3.5
Opening first device
failed to open device

Any ideas? Can I debug this in any way? Thanks.

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I solved it, but I'm not sure exactly why it now works. Before I was referencing the dwf framework with 


because that's where the framework ended up when I installed Waveforms. I updated the python code appropriately.

Then I tried moving the framework to the directory referenced in the original code:


And then it worked. Not sure what the difference is though.

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On OS X the proper location of the shared frameworks, as the installer disk image arrow suggests is the /Library/Frameworks.
The application bundle can also incorporate the framework and link to it as: -rpath @executable_path/../Frameworks -framework dwf

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