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Documentation for chipKIT WF32 rev C



I design an hardware application with chipKIT WF32 rev B. Today, I buy a new board but in rev C. With this board, some functionnalites don't work.
I'm looking for documentation of rev C for schema but I don't find it on your website.
Do you know if the rev C documentation exists ? If the rev C documentation doesn't exist, do you know the hardware difference between rev B and rev C?
In advance, thank you for your response.


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Hi Pierre,

You're right in the fact that the Rev C schematics aren't up on our website, just the Rev B. I'll put in a request to get it updated. As for the differences between the two revisions, I'm not sure what the difference is, so I've asked some of our applications engineers about it; they'll get back to you here on the Forum.


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Hi Pierre,

We are in the process of updating our website with the Rev C schematics. I have attached the Schematic for Rev C. The change is the processor. We are using a different chip. The only change that should affect you going from a Rev B to a Rev C is the ADC's changed. If you are using the chipKip library then you will need to get the newest library for the chipKIT WF32. It has been upgraded to handle the changes with the ADC's and fixed the issues with the I2C. If you are using MPLABX or Harmony then you will need to adjust for the different ADC's.

thank you,




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