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UC32 with ENC28J60-H


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I watched these forums for a while, and the questions that never get answered are the "Does anyone know ..." or "Is there anyone who ..." questions, much like yours above.  The problem is that, while many may read the post, no one feels like they can answer unless they fit the criteria given.  The result is often a very quiet forum, since no one is qualified to say "No.  No one has that experience."  As for myself, all I can say is that I don't have the experience you are looking for.

This is also a Digilent focused forum.  Digilent works very hard to answer questions involving their products.  While the uC32 is a Digilent product, the ENC28J60-H doesn't appear to be--although I'm not Digilent, so please correct me if I'm wrong.  Digilent does sell a PmodNIC which may be similar, but I would imagine that the Digilent engineer responsible for that product is going to look at your question and figure they cannot answer because it doesn't use the part they are paid to support.

Hence the reason for the silence you have received.

Let me ask you this, though, it looks like the part you are trying to work with operates using a SPI interface.  Can you find examples of other people using the same chip, and then just substitute their experience over the SPI interface for what you need to do with the uC32?  Or is your problem specific to the uC32?


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Hi btb4198,

The PmodNIC100 that Dan mentioned uses a ENC424J600 from Microchip, which is similar to the part that you are attempting to utilize, but the only support we have available for the PmodNIC100 uses Microchip's TCP/IP stack which is (at least for me) overwhelming to use. This microchip thread describes how you would add support for new hardware in order to use their TCP/IP stack, but it is definitely tailored towards using MPLAB or Harmony, both of which Digilent does not actively support.

Digilent (well, one of the engineers at Digilent) has created an IP stack independent of the Microchip TCP/IP stack that is available as part of the chipKIT Core for the Arduino IDE (also available on the WF32 Resource Center), but currently only has support for specific hardware on Digilent products (whether it's a WiFi chip or an embedded MAC & PHY chip, neither of which match what is on your chip). The engineer at Digilent who could expand the currently offered support would only do so for another Digilent product. Naturally, you could write your own support for the ENC28J60-H based off of what already exists, but that seems like a rather daunting task (at least to me).

I'm sorry that I could not be of more help.


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