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Anaolg Discovery USB isolation


Hi Folks


I'm using an Analog Discovery. For my current project I need to isolate it, but it doesn't work when I try to connect it with a USB isolator. According to the manual...


For those applications which scope GND cannot be the USB ground, a USB isolation solution, such as what is described in ADI’s CN-0160 can be used

I've tried USB isolators from 2 different manufacturers. The Analog Discovery doesn't work with either of them. When the device connects I get an error message during device configuration (image attached).


Is it possible that the software has changed so that it now doesn't work correctly with a USB isolator? It may be a timing issue during configuration, since the isolator only runs at 12Mbps. If so, is it possible to download an old version of the software that does work with a USB isolator?


Any help would be appreciated.


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