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Basys 3 not recognized or operating


A customer on our website asked the following question:

I've purchased a basys 3 board from your store, but the board isn't recognized by the computer. I've installed the Adept software and the Vivado. Neither recognizes the board. Nothing happens when I plug the board.

I would like to know if I have to install any driver or anything like that.

Thank you

The response is below.


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I presume when you say "that nothing happens when you I plug in the board" that no LEDs on the board light up and the demo that is pre-loaded onto the Basys 3 are working. If this is not the case and the LEDs are lighting up, I recommend checking out this other thread on our forum here: https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/767-drivers-needed-for-basys3/.

But since I presume that nothing is operating for you, I have asked some of our applications about this; they will get back to you here on the forum.


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Hi there,

Have you been able to get either Vivado or Adept to recognize the board? If you haven't could you please explain to me what is happening exactly so I can help you troubleshoot. I would also recommend installing the cable drivers and double checking the USB cable you have to make sure it can transmit data.


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