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Questions about Genesys 2


A customer on our website asked the following question:

Hi, I am interested in purchasing the new Genesys2 board to replace my older Genesys board. I am a bit concerned about the lack of support for the kintex7 board in Webpack, since it made using the original Genesys very easy on any computer. My question is about the Voucher included for a node-locked, device-locked licence of Vivado Design edition. I would like to know 3 things : 1. Is the voucher good for ISE also? 2. Is the licence permanent? 3. For how long are updates supported? Am I correct in assuming that after the supported update period, I can continue to use the last version released during that period for as long as I want? Thank you for your help, Simon

The response is below.

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The voucher is only good for Xilinx's Vivado Design Suite, not ISE. However, the license is permanent; once you load/activate the license you will not need to redeem or re-purchase the license. And yes, you are correct that during the update period, you are able to to upgrade to the latest edition of Vivado for as long as you want.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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