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Zedboard USB port broken


A customer on our website asked the following question:

I purchased a Zedboard on 10/1/2015. The USB port was always a bit loose but so long as I propped up the cable it worked fine. However last week the stand I had the USB cable on fell over and the entire connector tore off. I'm hoping my $500 hasn't been wasted and there's some other way to attach a keyboard and mouse but I can't find any. And by the way you really need to do something about the extremely fragile Micro USB connectors. They're so delicate the boards are bound to fall apart in a very short time. I'm quite disappointed with the build quality of this board. Please let me know if there's anyway I can get past this problem. Otherwise I'll just buy another board from a vendor with a more sturdy product.

The response is below.

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Hi James,

Has this customer been directed to the forum yet? Once they reach out on the forum we can begin the RMA request process with them. We tend to replace boards that have broken microUSB connectors, but I can't make any guarantees until we get through the RMA request process. 

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