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Analog Discovery connectivity issues


A customer asked the following question on our website:

To Whom It May Concern,

I ordered a Analog Discovery 100MSPS USB Oscilloscope & Logic Analyzer as well as a parts kit earlier in the year for school use at the University of Maryland. After about two months of use (once a week, well taken care of, always stored in box after use), I began experiencing issues with the connection to the computer. My computer will not recognize the Analog Discovery anymore unless I hold the cable connection near the Analog Discovery at a certain angle, which is very inconvenient and makes the device difficult to use. It is not an issue with the cable, but the Analog Discovery connection itself. Please recommend what actions I should take next in order to have a functioning Analog Discovery by next class (approximately 2 months.) 

Thank you for your time,

The response is below.


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If you are certain the problem is not the cable, then that leaves two other possible culprits: the computer the cable is plugging in to (which doesn't match your description), and the connector on the board.  You may need to either replace the connector, in the case that it is broken, or reflow the solder to the connector in case it has started to separate from the board.


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This could be a cable connection problem:
- try using another USB cable
or broken USB connector of Analog Discovery (1):
- try to reflow 
- contact the Digilent support for warranty with: Date of Purchase, Seller and Purchase Order/ Web order Number

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