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I2C interfacing with zybo board


Hello all,

For my project work, I want to connect my IMU 9250 board to Zybo board via I2C protocol. I have enabled I2C peripheral via MIO pins 10 and 11, i.e., to JF PMOD in Vivado 2021.1  and exported hardware. Now I don't know how to incorporate IMU libraries with exported library of I2C in Vitis! It would be very helpful, if somebody could guide me further.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi @shreya2207,

If you already the hardware setup to do I2C communication with the Xilinx's I2C PS library, what you will end up needing to do is adjust the library functions (I don't know what the library for the IMU you have is based on or built for) to use the I2C commands that the Xilinx software uses, much like Digilent's I2C based Pmods like the Pmod AQS, https://github.com/Digilent/vivado-library/tree/master/ip/Pmods/PmodAQS_v1_0.


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