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Genesys ZU 3eg


Hi everyone,

I am working on Digilent Genesys zu-3eg zynq ultrascale+ MPSOC board. While reading the documentation, I found that the initial Vivado/SDK/Petalinux version supported by Digilent for Genesys ZU-related projects was 2019.1. However, I cannot find any support for vivado 2019.1 version. On the github page, support is available for Vivado 2020.1. 

Can anyone please let me know where can I find the demo projects with vivado 2019.1 for this board .

Thank you

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Hi @Enthusiastic,

I don't know why the 2019.1 materials are not readily linked anywhere, but I was able to find some of them through github by looking at their tags, https://github.com/Digilent/Genesys-ZU-HW/tags and https://github.com/Digilent/Genesys-ZU-OS/tags, it didn't look like there was any tags for the software page though.


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