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Using Analog Discovery studio with the Analog Discovery Canvas to Connect the Curve Tracer and Impedance Analyzer Boards



I am looking to use theĀ Analog Discovery Studio (410-384), with the optional Analog Discovery Canvas (410-412), to enable me to connect the Transistor Tester (410-413) or the Impedance Analyzer (410-378) via the Analog Discovery header on the Analog Discovery Canvas.

Does anyone know if the following configuration will work? I'd like to confirm before I make the purchase.


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I apologize for the long delay. I took a look at the schematics and this connectivity should work just fine.

You'll have to make sure the modules are connected in the correct orientation of course; it should be that the top side of the pcb of either the Transistor Tester or the Impedance Analyzer is towards the notched side, though I would personally still make a point of verifying that orientation is accurate by checking with a multimeter where the ground pins are located on the expansion header.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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