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Analog Discovery Pro 2 and ADP3450



I wish to know the following

1. whether the Digital I/O levels are programmable in both Analog Discovery Pro 2 and ADP3450. If yes, for what levels? 

2. What is the maximum power supply voltage and current in both the kits

3. What is the digital I/O drive capability and the maximum switching frequency in both the kits.

4. Can the Digital I/O be configured for Open Drain? If yes, let me know how.

5. For SPI, what clock rates can be defined. I see that there are fractional values of 100MHz in the Waveforms tool. Any attempt to choose any other numbers redirects the clock to the nearest possible values.

6. In the ADP3450, there is no mention of the power supply. Has this been removed?


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Hi @vsethia,

I apologize for the delay. Here are the answers to your questions taken from the respective specifications pages for the Analog Discovery 2 (link) and the ADP3450 (link):

1. The Digital IO channel output voltage levels are only programmable for the ADP3450 with a range between 1.2 and 3.3V (with 5V CMOS tolerant inputs) . The AD2 Digital IO are only at 3.3V output (but can measure 1.2V and 5V CMOS inputs)

2. ADP3450 - the digital power supply can have current output up to 300 mA (same 1.2V to 3.3V voltage output range). There is no analog power supply
AD2 - analog power supply ranges from -5V to -0.5V on the negative channel and 0.5V to 5V on the positive channel. The maximum current is up to 700 mA for each supply when externally powered with a maximum power of 2.1W for each supply when externally powered. There is no digital supply.

3. ADP3450 - LVCMOS (3.3V, 8 mA)
AD2 - The digital output standard is LVCMOS (3.3V, 12 mA)

4. Yes to both

5. You should just be able to type in whatever frequency you are wanting use and the device will do it's best to get as close to the frequency you selected and not snap to the existing numbers in the dropdown box as the device can generate natural (2+) divisions of the base frequency (usually 100 MHz). Can you provide a screenshot of what you are experiencing?

6. There is no analog power supply on the ADP3450 like there is on the AD2 where you can provide negative and positive outputs, though as mentioned there is a digital power supply. Digilent is working on a separate power supply that would be able to be used alongside the ADP3450 in the same instance of WaveForms though; you can see a sneak preview of it in some of the background photos in this blog post as well a comment on it: https://digilent.com/blog/analog-discovery-pro-how-do-they-stack-up-adp5250-vs-adp3450/.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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