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Digital Discovery logic analyzer


To all,

I am using the DD in logic analyzer mode.  I am able to create load, record and export event data in Waveforms.  The control of the UUT is done with a Labview vi that powers up and puts the UUT in the correct mode.  The DD is then run and data is captured, exported and processed in labview with no issues.  I then used the tutorial to set create the labview vi from the dll.  I have run a couple vi's to get the firmware version and SN.  I have a couple of questions:

How do i load a project programmatically, no mention in SDK on how load a project

how to export data as csv with all events, no mention in SDK

I tried to load and run the record.py in python 3.8, will not run

The labview dwf.lvlib has been created, as mentioned above i have been able to run a coupe of vi.  is there any examples in labview close to what I am trying to do.


rofer magar


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