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Genesys ZU rebuild out of box SD card image




I'm looking for instructions for building the out of box SD card image for the Genesys ZU xczu3EG from the source repositories. I have been unable to find complete build instructions using a google search or in the repositories them selves.





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If you go to Releases in the root repo for the Genesys ZU you'll find two SD card images for each board variant but it also tells you that: "Use a suitable imager tool to write the image file to the SD card. On Windows we recommend SDImager, an open-source tool. On Linux use the "dd" tool. Extract the *.img file from the archive and load it with the imager tool. Keep in mind that this will overwrite ALL data on the SD card.".

Personally, I think Rufus would work too on windows in this case but I haven't tried. Hope this helps.

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