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I bought an ECLYPSE Z7 board some time ago. I was working on a project where I was interfacing some external peripherals on PMODs of the board. The board has suddenly been turned off and not powering up anymore. Kindly guide me in this. To figure out what is the cause and how can it be corrected. Seems like the custom power IC isn't turning on


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Hi @Saeed123321,

What sort of peripherals were you attaching to the Pmod ports on the Eclypse? Pmods themselves or a different type of peripheral?

I'm guessing that none of the status LEDs turn on when the 12V power supply is attached and the board is switched on? Presuming the that is the case, could you let me know the voltages at the following capacitors? (and if you see any visible damage on the ICs)

(located on the underside of the board between the Zmod ports)
C291 - should match power supply at 12V
C293 - should be 3.3V
C271 - should be 5.0V (next to L6)
C277 - should be 1.0V (next to L7)
C302 - should be 1.6V by default (next to L8)
C264 - should match power supply at 12V (other side of L8 from where C302 is)
C303 - should be 1.6V by default (next to L9)

(top side of the board near the 12V power supply input)
C296 - needs to between 10.038V and 10.407V, typically 10.221V for the input voltage enable threshold based on the last page of the Eclypse Z7 schematic,



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Hi @JColvin

Thanks for your reply

The voltage at different caps are as follows

C291 - 12.08V

C293 - 3.3V

C271 - 5.02V

C277 - 1.00V

C302 - 0V

C264 - 12V

C303 - 0V

C296 - 1.2V

There is no visible physical damage to any ICs. None of the status LEDs are on. The peripherals attached to the system were Zmod ADC 1410 on ZMODA, and one serial LCD on the PMOD connected through flying wires.

It looks like that IC29 has somehow locked every thing, but I can not find any datasheet of it.



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Would you also be able to check the following capacitors; I just realized I had missed them the first time around will give us a better idea of where the root cause might be. I had also checked with design engineer and they pointed out that the C296 is set up with a 10:1 ratio with the resistors, so the 1.2V measurement you got should be expected with a 12V input:

On the under side of the board
- C305 (next to L2) -- this should be 3.3V and powers the PMIC and a number of SoC banks
- C243 (next to L3) -- this should be 1.35V and powers the DDR memory
- C249 (next to L4) -- this should be 1.8V and powers the SD card (and other things)


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