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PMOD Impedance Analyzer Alternative


Can anyone suggest or provide a link for Pmod Impedance Analyzer? I am working on Pmod Impedance Analyzer and need 15 such sensors but it has recently been retired by Digilent and is out of stock. Can someone suggest an alternative to it that works with same Arduino code?

Any lead will be appreciated. 

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Hi @Asher,

I'm not aware of any direct alternatives, or at least I haven't found any in the usual places I might look. What you could potentially do is order the evaluation board version from Analog Devices and then solder individual wires to the SDA and SCL lines (since the evaluation board has it's own built in microcontroller and recommends using it's application software that was built for Windows XP), but I don't have any way of verifying that this would work as intended nor direct recommendations on powering the module in this way.


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