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waveforms: undefined symbol: DmgrSetNetworkConnTimeout


Good morning (o;


Just reinstalled digilent.waveforms_3.17.1_amd64.deb on my Debian 11.1 machine...but when I try to run it I just get in the console:


waveforms: symbol lookup error: waveforms: undefined symbol: DmgrSetNetworkConnTimeout


Any ideas? ldd doesn't show any unresolved libraries....


Update: Tested 3.14.3 and 3.16.3...both versions run fine on Debian 11.1....


thanks in advance



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I also have undefined symbol errors on Ubuntu 18.04 for Waveforms SDK versions 3.16.3 and 3.17.1.  Adept runtime is 2.26.1.

$ python DigitalOut_Duty.py 
OSError: /usr/lib/libdwf.so: undefined symbol: DstmTransfer

They disappear for both versions when running as sudo.

$ sudo python DigitalOut_Duty.py 
DWF Version: 3.16.3
Opening first device

Generate: 1000.0Hz duty: 1.228% divider: 4
Generating output for 10 seconds...


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