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AD2: See current drawn in power supply


Hi, I am testing power saving strategies with some MCU's and use AD2 as my power supply.

Question: is it possible to see directly the current drawn on the individual channel in the "Supplies" window?

Thanks in advance


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Hi @WaldoPepper,

I don't believe it is possible to directly measure the current on the individual channels, though you if you check the system monitor box on the Supplies window to see the overall current that is being drawn and you could roughly determine the current drawn by any external devices by seeing what the Analog Discovery 2 draws natively on your system.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Hi @WaldoPepper

The AD2 power supplies have no voltage or current readback.
The system monitor reports the entire device consumption which can fluctuate.

You could use shunt resistors and monitor the voltage drop with the differential scope inputs, with ~300uV resolution.
Lower resistance should be used to reduce the voltage drop and to have high resolution external amplification would be recommended.

For higher resolution a DMM or dedicated module/IC should be used.

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