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Can I use the USB interface of basys2 to transfer my own files and data?


          I want to use the USB interface of basys2 to transmit data.

          After checking the manual, I found that the AT90USB162 chip is used, but I don't know how to drive this chip. I didn't find the relevant information first.

        Can I use this USB to transfer my data? If so, how can I do it? thank you!

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Hi @Huangyy,

I don't think you can transmit UART serial data on the Basys 2, or at least I can't find any applications that do this on the Basys 2. The closest thing I could find the Adept I/O expansion reference design (available here: https://digilent.com/reference/programmable-logic/basys-2/reference-manual#reference_designs) but that uses an 8-bit parallel data bus and six handshaking lines to control the data transfer use the EPP mode of the parallel port interface on a computer.

The Basys 3, as well as Digilent's other 7-series based FPGAs/SoCs allow for a UART interface to transfer data over a serial terminal to a PC.


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