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JTAG-HS3 pinout confusion in manual - which is right?


The JTAG-HS3 reference manual, https://digilent.com/reference/programmers/jtag-hs3/reference-manual,  gives a diagram for the connector pinout for the JTAG-HS3 looking out of the connector and the Xilinx board header looking into the connector. Normally, I would see a diagram that is either looking right at the connector, so the pins or sockets match what is in front of my face when I am connecting a test cable like I am, OR I would get a reverse image of the header that looks into the BACK of the header that shows where to solder or crimp a wire.  In this case, both images in the manual are the same image.  Figure 3 is looking out of the connector - but I am looking at the connector - is this an image of the BACK of the JTAG-HS3 looking THROUGH it and into the space beyond it?? This is just really abnormal if so, and I do not want to assume what this means. Does anyone know for sure?


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Hi @ksanner,

You are correct in your presumption that you are effectively looking down the JTAG HS3 from the microUSB end towards the 2x7 header end, and then with the Xilinx system board header beyond that. The goal with these choices in the figure 3 and 4 orientations was so that users did not have to do any mental gymnastics flipping an image around to see whether or not the headers lined up.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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