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MTDS Firmware


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Hi @Thomasx,

Unfortunately, no further firmware updates were created for the MTDS, nor do I anticipate that a firmware update will ever be created, as much as I would like to tell you (and myself) otherwise.

I have asked a few times over the years to see if we can release the firmware code for the MTDS, but have yet to convince some key higher ups let me release it. If it ever does get released, I'll do my best to try to post the information on all of the forum threads asking about it.


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Hi @JColvin

Thanks for your response. 
It's not like I will buy any more Digilent products, with this really minimal support of the products. WIth a product like this, and no other font than the system one, and not even more than one font size. No additional libs or anything for building graphical applications etc. 
Releasing the firmware would at least be something.
You can tell your managers this ;)


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