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Questions about the AD2


A customer on the website asked the following question:

I'm looking at purchasing the Analog Discovery 2 USB Oscilloscope, and have a couple of questions:
What are the software OS requirements, I want to display this on a tablet and I think it will require windows?
What are the physical dimensions and are there any mounting holes to mount on a piece of metal?

The response is below.

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The software for the Analog Discovery 2, WaveForms 2015, is Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible. You can view more of the OS details on the Waveforms Resource Center. So, you likely will need Windows installed on your tablet (as opposed to Android) to get Waveforms running. I don't know how the user interface on a tablet compares to that of the desktop version.

The housing on the AD2 is 8.2 cm long (and wide) at the corners and is 8 cm long (and wide) in the middle. You can remove the housing and take advantage of the 6 mounting holes in the PCB. The PCB itself is is 7.5 cm long on both sides.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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