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Is there a reason why the Analog Discovery 2 is priced so high compared to what it used to be? I used this device in a lab last week at my school, and they said students were able to buy it for $99. However, I look at the price right now, and it's $280, which is way out of my price range. Is the up in price due to the semiconductor shortage?

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Hi @acarrou,

I reached out to Digilent's Test and Measurement Product Manager and received the following response:


The $99 introductory price of the original analog discovery hasn't been around since 2015. That price was driven primarily by part donations which ended around the introduction of the Analog Discovery 2 (it costs much more than $99 just to buy the parts). Then in 2020 the price of the parts inside unexpectedly doubled, driving another price increase, although we absorbed a good amount of that to try to minimize the impact.

Thank you,

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