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Voltmeter in WaveForms 2015


I remember that the original WaveForms had a voltmeter tool. When I went to look for it in WaveForms 2015 I couldn't find it. It is mentioned in the reference manual as being in one of the main tabs labeled meters, but I don't see a meters tab. 

I also noticed that in the reference manual there are links to a meters section of the reference manual but that section doesn't exist. 

The Analog Discovery 2 page says that it includes a voltmeter so I was wondering where it is. I must be missing something. 


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Commanderfranz,  the Data Logger does work as a voltmeter, however I find the Scope Measure function under View very helpful as well.  The Scope section seems to have all of the features comparable to a Keysight USB or Tektronix digital storage oscilloscope.  Very impressive.  The data display seems better than a Fluke 190.  It is, of course, lower in voltage and frequency range than the other devices mentioned, but also far less expensive. The voltage range can hopefully be extended with a 10:1 'scope probe and the adapter.  The sampling and processing is lower, of course, so there are a few 'scope display anomalies. However, this is more than acceptable for home hobby, or even low frequency circuit troubleshooting, as far as I can see.

The Spectrum display also seems to work nicely, as well.  I'll see if I can set it up to measure some Bessel nulls later when I try the FM function.

I'll be checking out the signal generation in more detail on some later projects.

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