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Oscilloscope Calibration Failing In WaveForms 2015 3.3.3



I am trying to use the calibration wizard in the Device manager of WaveForms 2015 3.3.3. However when I get to the step to calibrate the oscilloscope where both P channels are connected to AWG 1 and both N channels are connected to ground, it gives a warning to check the connections. 

It says: "Check the connections!! The measured voltage on Oscilloscope Channel 1 is between: 0V and 4.970276V (this number is slightly different every time) But it should be around: 5V It might be that the Arbitrary Waveform Generator 1 Offset is not calibrated correctly"

I tried:

- A different AD2

- A different Multimeter

- reinstalling WaveForms 2015 3.3.3

James also tried with WaveForms 2015 3.3.3 and was also unsuccessful. 

However, calibrating the same Analog Discovery 2 in WaveForms 2015 3.2.6 works successfully. 

Could there be a software issue in WaveForms 2015 3.3.3

I am running Windows 8.1.


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