Zedboard 410-248 vs 240-122?

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Hi @bbaker,

The SKU of 410-248 is just the Zedboard.

The other SKU of 240-112 is the Zedboard plus an SDSoC voucher, that would gain you access to Xilinx's SDSoC* software.

*caveat with this is that Xilinx discontinued the production of their SDSoC software with 2019.1 being the last version available. You could still use the voucher successfully with 2019.1 software and older (the voucher grants you 1 year to freely download any version of the SDSoC software that is or becomes available during that year; after the year is over you will still have full access to the SDSoC software installed on your machine, but won't be able to get any future updates), but Digilent has not done any SDSoC work with the Zedboard and I'm not certain if Avnet or other collaborators on the Zedboard have done any SDSoC work either.

Regardless of how you feel about the SDSoC voucher though, the Zedboard included with both SKUs are identical hardware, though I do not know when the standalone Zedboard will be available in stock again (since it appears to be out of stock on Digilent's website this morning).


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