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Vitis stuck at Debugger Launching



Hello there,

I am using Xilinx Kria kv260 board along with raspberry pi camera module interfacing. I made the hardware design, generated the bitstream and exported the into the Vitis (2021.1) project. The project build successfully with the zero errors and warnings. But as soon as I run the project by connecting the board in the FSBL initialization mode, the project is getting stuck at Launching : rst -processor. And it is getting timed out after 60 sec giving a warning msg as shown below. And if I pressed on Proceed button, it is being an empty launch with nothing on the console and terminal. (app_proj is the name of the project in the image below)





I referred to the community and tried to run the project without selecting the FSBL mode. Then also Vitis is getting stuck at Launching : psu_init, as it is a tcl script present in the hardware files for PS initialization. 


Kindly help me out with the issue. 

Thanks, and Regards,


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