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Any way to do a PID loop closure using Analog Discovery? Script?



I know the likely answer is no - due to limits of and script looping in terms of window timer etc accuracy.

But I'm always surprised by the capability in this thing.

But any simple way to do a PI loop closure ?  Like measure on CH1 and CH2 and command?

It can certainly do "seconds" for things like temp control but I'm looking for less than 10 ms delay lag.



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On 10/14/2021 at 7:42 AM, attila said:

Hi @mkj

See the following posts:

>>A lower latency solution would be using the ADP 3000 series and running the app/script on the device with AXI latency (microsecs)

Thanks! - we have an ADP3540 on order.  Are you saying it runs at a faster latency using something like ASIO drivers compared to the Analog Discovery "small" units?

Or is this "Linux" mode which looks like it runs ON the ADP3450?  Would I run a python or ? script then in Linux mode or Waveforms?

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