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Waveforms sending UDP packets to .0 IP addresses as USAs military network (DISANET7) from Linux machine




I am not sure if i choosed the right forum part to post this topic, please advise if it is not here it should be posted.


I have an AD2, i have noticed that the WFs sends packets to a .0 IP addresses from a Linux machine and not from a Windows machine (please see screenshots attached). 


Have you guys any explanation or clue about this?


Best regards,




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Hi @moha,

I have moved your question to a more appropriate section of the Forum.

What version of WaveForms are you using?

I know the ADP3450 has Ethernet connectivity and when booted in Linux mode can be set up obtain an IP address from the router serving whatever network you are on, but as far as I know does not do anything on its own by default. Either way the AD2 does not have Ethernet connectivity.


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