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lwip library present but not recognized


Hi, Guys,

My designs use the ARTY-Z7-20 board

Many times when I start a VITIS project, I choose new platform project and add the necessary libraries to it. Picture 1 attached shows that lwip211 is selected.  

Then I try to add an application project and I get a message saying that the lwip library is needed but is not present in the solution.

Please see Picture 2 attached.

What am I doing wrong ?



Picture 2.jpeg

Picture 1.jpeg

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Hi @Antonio Fasano,

I asked another co-worker of mine and two initial thoughts that they had is that when you import different things to ensure the platform does successfully build; there can be cases where a particular library doesn't support a cortex A9 processor. The second thought was a recommendation to ensure you are modifying the Cortext A9 domain and not FSBL when you are adding libraries to the BSP. Sometimes the FSBL is selected by default.



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