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Stopping ZMOD DAC



I am working on a project where I need to control the ZMOD DAC 1411 to generate arbitrary waveforms. I am able to load the desired waveform into the buffer and start the DAC. But, when I try to use the stop() function available in the ZMOD library, the DAC does not stop. I can set the DAC output to 0V to mimic turning off (I could not find any data on the impedance offered by the DAC when it is off), but would like to know why the stop() function does not work.

The zmod library can be found here.

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Hello @NithinA,

I added the changes to the AXI_Zmod_DAC1411 IP on branch feature/zmod-support in vivado-library repository.


If you want to update the hardware project with upgraded IP, you will have to:

1. git checkout the hw for the zmod_dac demo

2. cd into repo/vivado-library

3. git checkout feature/zmod-support with the latest changes

4. go to Vivado tcl console and create the hw project:

set argv ""; source digilent-vivado-scripts/digilent-vivado-checkout.tcl

5. in Reports/Report IP Status verify that /ZmodDAC_0/AXI_ZmodDAC1411_v1_0_0 has the Rev.23 (latest revision)

6. generate bitstream

7. update the sw project with new bitstream

In case you don't want to follow the above steps for creating the hardware project, here is the new bitstream file for ZmodDAC1411_Demodesign_1_wrapper.hdf.


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