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Programming a Kintex-7 with JTAG HS2


A customer on our website asked the following question:

I have seen a lot of text about "Compatible with all Xilinx tools", but I want to ask again:
can I program my 7 series Xilinx (Kintex-7) with JTAG-HS2 Programming Cable?
Haven't found anything about this on forum

The response is below.

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Hello James,

It isn't any development board. It's a device, that was made by a third-party company "X", and to update the firmware we need any JTAG programmer. Ingeneer from company "X" sayed, that we need to buy HW-USB-II-G (Xilinx Platform Cable USB-II) to be able to write new firmware to flash. But this Xilinx tool cost a lot, so I search the Internet and found your company. All that I know, that inside this device is placed Kintex-7, and that it has JTAG connector.



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Hi daumanec,

I talked with some of our application engineers and yes, you can use the JTAG-HS2 to program your board. I only asked about the Digilent boards because they already incorporate the necessary programming solution that is present on the JTAG-HS2.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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