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Rules of precedence for digital-out driving instruments?

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The Analog and Digital Discovery devices have multiple instruments that can drive the digital outputs:

  • DigitalIO
  • DigitalOut
  • UART, SPI, I2C, CAN protocols

What happens if multiple instruments are active simultaneously? Do some instruments have precedence over others?

Best, Sidney



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Hi @reddish

The digital IO signals are shared in the device between Digital-IO, Out and In functions. The Digital-IO has priority over Digital-Out. The Digital-Out is only applied for a signal when the Digital-IO Enable and Output are zero for the respective bit.

The protocols use the Digital-In/Out device resources to create various communication protocols. Only one of the protocols can be used at a time. The Digital-Out is used to generate the output signals and the Digital-In to capture the received data. Overriding a signal used by the protocol with Digital-IO may mess up the communication.
The I2C with clock stretching uses additional signals.
The DIO channe indexing for Digital Discovery starts from 0, 0 is DIO-24, 1 is DIO-25…

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Hi Atilla,

Thanks for the clarification.

Just to clear up one final thing about the relation between DigitalIO and DigitalOut device:

If the DigitaIO "OutputEnable" is 0,  and the DigitalIO "Output" is 1, what is then the state of the respective pin? Is it HighZ (irrespective of DigitalOut)?


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