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Nexys A7 100T Dead No Power / Warranty



I work for an Engineering College and we just purchased 5 New Nexys A7 boards on May 12th 2021 to add to the other 25 we purchased about 1 1/2 years ago , WE PURCHASE a lot of digilent equipment for our labs

4 of the 5 we just purchased have gone bad , one student said he just plugged his in and it was on for a couple minutes and then it just went dead , another said he unplugged his board one night and the next day he plugged it up in class and it would Not come on etc etc

I really dont believe the students are doing anything wrong to cause these boards to fail , these students are Juniors and Seniors and have used Many other boards in other classes in their previous years

I have checked these boards and they ALL have the VU5V0 Input to all regulators IC17 IC22 IC23 , BUT the output of IC17 does Not have its VCC3V3 , On three of the 4 boards I am missing VCC3V3 but still Have VCC1V0 & VCC1V8 , BUT on the 4th one I am missing ALL three Regulated Voltages

I think the regulators have gone bad and I need to get these replaced Very Soon as I have No backups if anymore go Bad , I read the Warranty and it stated I Had to post in the Forum before any Warranty would be granted

If there is something else you can suggest that would help me to fix these boards other than replacing the Regulators , please let me know



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Hi @cjpilot,

This certainly sounds like a hardware issue; I'll send you a PM with warranty instructions.

Were the boards being powered through the PROG/UART port or an external power supply at 5V? I imagine this won't be the case, but do you see any damage on C179 and C180 or IC17 on any of the boards?

This is more incidental, but it is interesting to me that that on the one board were you are still successfully receiving the VU5V0 but none of the 3 regulators are working is as you describe, since the PGOOD input line is dependent on VU5V0 working.



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