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Zybo Tutorial, Ramdisk8m.image.gz?

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Succesfully made it to section "5.2-Instructions" of the Zybo tutorial.  However, the following command fails:


./u-boot-Digilent-Dev/tools/mkimage -A arm -T ramdisk -c gzip -d ./ramdisk8M.image.gz uramdisk.image.gz


My efforts have hit a brick wall as I  have no ramdisk8M.image.gz  (performed a find -name  "ram*").  Additionally, there is no mention of this file previously in the tutorial.


Does anyone have a suggestion for resolving the missing ramdisk8M.image.gz?


Please respond and thanks.



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Possibly solved . . . .


From: http://www.digilentinc.com/Data/Products/EMBEDDED-LINUX/ZedBoard_GSwEL_Guide.pdf


"You may find a prebuilt BusyBox ramdisk for the ZedBoard inside the Linux Hardware Design, available at www.digilentinc.com/zedboard. The ramdisk is found within the project at ZedBoard_Linux_Design/sd_image/ramdisk8M.image.gz. To use the prebuilt ramdisk, place the “ramdisk8M.image.gz” file on the FAT partition of the SD card. You are now ready to build the Linux kernel."

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