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Basys3 not recognized by Vivado after using FTDI_PROG


We have used FTDI_PROG to rename a number of Basys3 boards which have been fitted to test boxes, in order to fix our port mapping problem with multiple variants of test boxes.

But when we have come to update the firmware on the Basys3, it is no longer recognized on Vivado, even after changing the name back.

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Hi @Alec91,

I don't think there is a way to rename the boards unfortunately.

Even if it were possible to rename the boards through FTProg or something similar (though you found this doesn't work since it messes up the Vivado Hardware Manager connectivity), I don't think it would ultimately help you because in the Vivado Hardware Manager itself distinguishes between different boards of the same time by their internal serial number/UID. I believe this number is partially shown in one of the barcode stickers on the board, or at least I can confirm that an Arty A7-35 has a sticker with a DAB577F label, and the UID reported by the Vivado Hardware Manager is Digilent/210319AB577FA; the same pattern structure was also true for 2 other boards that I checked.

I'll send you a PM with instructions on how to fix the Basys 3's so that they can be recognized by Vivado.


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