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Digital Pattern Generation on Analog Discovery2 module



I want to generate Digital pattern consisting of 2 data lines and one clock line on Analog Discovery 2 module using Labview. Clock frequency will be 1Mhz, going from low to high after every data line toggling. We have about 1,80,000 lines of 2-bit data to be written with no. of clock cycles to be sent for each line. Below is example of our sequence format and sample waveform screenshot attached for your reference.

Sample sequence format with 4 lines as shown below. 'R' indicates no. of clock cycle repetitions for a given data pattern.

R1   0  1
R2   1  0
R3   0  1
R4   1   1  

We have about 1,80,000 lines of above data pattern with about 1,00,00,000 to 1,50,00,000 clock cycles considering no. of repetitions of clock cycles for some of the data patterns.

Let me know if the above requirements can be satisfied with Analog discovery 2 module using labview (digilent waveform) driver.


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Hi Attila, please let me know if it is possible to send about 1,80,000 lines of 2-bit data pattern synchronized with 1Mhz clock with digital pattern generator on analog discovery 2 module through labview?

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