Genesys dev board - PCB design

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I'm currently designing an interface board to the VHDCI connectors provided on the  Genesys dev board (SKU 410-138). The schematic design doc is avalable on the resource link to the Genesys board, however not the PCB design doc. Where can I get a copy (i.e. PDF format) of the Altium PCB gerber files for this dev board? It will help me by providing guidance to design a reliable PCB with proper signal integrity by following similar layout/routing strategies. Additionally, the Genesys datasheet should have included application notes with PCB recommendations.



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Hello Emanuel,

All the available public information regarding the Genesys board is already on our website. Unfortunately we can't release the layout, nor the gerber files for the board because they are not considered public information.

Best regards,


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