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SPI Protocol Analyzer: Large Number of Bytes



I am using WaveForms to log SPI data from a USB host to SPI master IC (VNC2 from FTDI). I am testing out a card reader but the only card I have that works with the card reader is a gift card that contains around 100 bytes of data. So, the IC is going to send the 100 bytes that it receives from the card reader out over the SPI bus in a single transfer. Is there a way to capture this large of a single transfer with the SPI analyzer? I switched to the fourth configuration in the device manager but I can still only set the bits up to 32. How do I increase the buffer size after choosing the fourth configuration?

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Hi @edwardjs

If you are using the Logic Analyzer:
- If you are using Digital Discovery you can capture up to 256M samples at up to 800MHz
- With Analog Discovery you could record 100M samples at up to about 1MHz or using compression for burst at higher rate.
With the Protocol tool SPI/Spy you can log data at similar rates.

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