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60 MHz FPGA based transceiver


A customer on our website asked the following question:

Hello sir, myself brijesh I'm looking for TRANSCEIVER board that have built in FPGA with FMC connector. The required FREQUENCY OUTPUT from transmitter is 60MHz.
Do you have the tranceiver board which is as per my requirement ?

The response is below.

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I have a clarification question so that I can make sure we answer your question accurately. When you say transceiver board, do you mean an RF transceiver? Or do you mean a high speed transceiver (not RF)?


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"RF" in this case stands for "Radio Frequency."  An RF transciever would be a component of a radio communications system.  Typically, it would require analog inputs and outputs, a power amplifier, and some very careful frequency selection or timing characteristics to keep the transmitter from overpowering the receiver.

Or ... are you looking for a board that would digitally connect to the FMC board, where all the outputs are digital 1's and 0's (not analog waveforms), that can communicate with something at high speed?


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