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[Zybo Z720] Tutorial about Zybo AI or reVISION SDSoC Platform



I am figuring out how implement artificial intelligence into the zybo board. The artificial intelligence is about studying different types of ill plant and determine if the plant is sick or healthy. As the starter of FPGA and no idea of AI, I do not know how to start research. 

Here are what I have found out so far:

I searched the Zybo AI, but there is no relevent information except for "Under Construction"



Later, I found that Zybo Z720 can support reVISION SDSoC Platform, which "make it possible to do FPGA accelerated video processing using openCV functions in an all C/C++ development environment". I think that will be the direction for my AI project.

But I do not see some useful tutorial, and I dont know how to start as well. 

Is there any tutorial on how the Zybo AI and reVISION SDSoC Platform? So I can try and learn






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19 minutes ago, VerticalFarmingStudent said:

Is there any tutorial on how the Zybo AI and reVISION SDSoC Platform?

If there is you should be able to google it. I'm not familiar with what you are referring to.

Intel might be a better platform for your interests as there is a (relatively) low cost path to your interest. Look at the Terasic Cyclone V based OpenVino boards. I could be wrong but I don't think that Xilinx supports low cost neural network experimentation as well as Intel. Picking an FPGA platform and trying to find free tools to support a particular project is usually a tour of dead ends. You are usually better off selecting hardware that has support for your project needs.


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Hi @VerticalFarmingStudent,

Digilent does not have any further information about this demo. The material (or lackthereof) was created by a former intern about a year back which to my understanding was porting some of the Xilinx AI materials to the Zybo Z7, but unfortunately they did not create any documentation associated this demo, so we've removed this under construction page from our Wiki to prevent further confusion.

I don't think Xilinx has a lot of up to date details on SDSoC as they have moved away from that towards Vitis AI instead, https://www.xilinx.com/products/design-tools/vitis/vitis-ai.htm, though as @zygot mentioned, Xilinx's offerings may not be a low cost path for this type of application. I haven't looked a lot into this, so there may be a lot more support available through Xilinx than am I aware of.


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