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JTAG-USB cable not recognised



I have an older JTAG-USB cable (Purchased 2006, so not HS-2 or HS-3) but it is no longer recognised by windows.

I found that it was detected as a Cypress FX2LP device (04B4/8613) and maybe from what I've read, the EEPROM in the cable has become corrupted, and requires the firmware to be reprogrammed.

Is someone able to send me this file to do the update. I found DigilentFX2Repair on these forums, but need to know the correct FX2FW file for this cable. See images below



2021-07-17 10_56_01-Device Manager.png

2021-07-17 10_55_24-Digilent Cypress FX2 USB Repair.png

2021-07-17 11_07_59-Open.png

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