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A strange problem when Programing FPGA using SDK


Hi all,

I have created a block design in vivado,and generate bitstream successfully.Everything seems to be successful,and then i export hardware and create an application project with "Hello world" template,and i did not change anything. 

But when i try to program FPGA, i get the following error messages.


" ERROR: [Updatemem 57-153] Failed to update the BRAM INIT strings for ./.../*.elf and ./.../*.mmi "


I'm pretty sure that i have selected the bitfile that was generated earlier.


And here is my block design ,any suggestions?



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Go to Debug Configurations...



Make sure that your application is selected there on the left, if there's no application you can make one using the button the leftmost arrow points to. Then go to Target Setup and press the Search... button next to the Bitstream File field.


You should get a prompt from which you can select the only available bit files.


Hope this helps.

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