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UART Function Problems


So I have a program to use the UART on the Digilent USB104A7 board. Here is my code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include "platform.h"
#include "xil_printf.h"
#include "xil_types.h"
#include "xil_assert.h"
#include "xil_io.h"
#include "xparameters.h"
#include "xuartlite.h"
#include "xintc.h"
#include "xil_exception.h"

int main(void)
int Status;
Status = UartLiteIntrExample(UARTLITE_DEVICE_ID);
if (Status != XST_SUCCESS) {
xil_printf("UART Example Failed\r\n");

xil_printf("Successfully ran UART Example\r\n");

I will also attach errors but it looks like I am getting multiple errors with these functions. 


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Hi @rmccormack1

Something in the project is misconfigured. Undefined reference to main implies that either the "int main (void)" pattern of the definition isn't the one that the tools are looking for - maybe the application was created using a C++ template, or some other template that doesn't work for your code. It's also possible that the source file isn't in a directory that the tools are looking in for sources. Console logs and/or a project archive would help me to figure out what exactly is going on.



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