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Warning 374309 in DigilentWF.lvlib:DWF MSO Read.vi


  1. After running Waveforms to do a calibration of the hardware that is used by this Labview application, I get the warning 374309 and the application will not run anymore on my desktop. The same application does however work and does not show this warning on my laptop.
  2. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening?
  3. Regards
  4. Keith


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Hi @Keith K

This error indicates buffer overflow, samples are lost or corrupt.

1. There is a bug in WF 3.16.3 causing such false warning/error at low sample rate
Try installing the latest beta version which fixes it: https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/8908-waveforms-beta-download/
2.a Try capturing lower number of samples (sampleRate X acquisitionTime), below 8192/channel to use simple acquisition instead of streaming/record
2.b In case you need long capture try reducing the sample rate, the recording should work at up to 1-2MHz 


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